Welcome to DiBernardo Productions

Vision Statement

Creating worldwide opportunities through visual storytelling, beyond the 21st century. A business specifically designed to support anyone that wants to leave a lasting impression that will influence many cultures.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with a one of a kind experience by giving you full access to our creative team. We find you the right talent to bring your story to life while securing the perfect locations to execute your vision. Our Headquarters will always be in Upstate, NY however we turn our goals into reality for the entire world to see.

Feel free to submit your Location or Labeled (First & Last Name) Headshot/Resume to

Our Team

Michelle DiBernardo

Michelle DiBernardo Michelle DiBernardo is a lifestyle model, actress, portrait photographer, co-producer, director, director of photography, post production, certified makeup artist and a director of education for a well known acting/modeling school. With goals of becoming a showrunner DiBernardo is no rookie to the industry. She previously was a lead theatre advisor. Michelle has been acting and modeling since 12…

Taina Speaks

Chief Operating Officer

Taina brings wide-ranging expertise to DiBernardo Productions. She is best described as an autodidactic polymath. Utilizing her acquired skills to help people achieve their dreams brings her great joy. When she is not volunteering in her community, she loves to spend her time implementing strategies in order to help ambitious individuals create business sustainability. As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia, she…

Christian Moore

Production Assistant

Christian Moore is an Actor, Production Assistant, and Entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Moore has been in the industry for a while now. He has worked on independent films such as Her Little Secret, The Dark Military, Subway Son, Color Blind and Keys, and Cuffs. Also, Christian has made appearances on Tv shows such as Chase Street, Dope Unit and The…