Taina Speaks

Chief Operating Officer

Taina brings wide-ranging expertise to DiBernardo Productions. She is best described as an autodidactic polymath. Utilizing her acquired skills to help people achieve their dreams brings her great joy. When she is not volunteering in her community, she loves to spend her time implementing strategies in order to help ambitious individuals create business sustainability. As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia, she feels as though her mind, heart, and sense of humor are her greatest assets.

She has worked alongside and filmed for International Fashion Designer Samina Mughal, Singer Christopher Williams, Radio Personality Raymond Tyler, Lisa Diane Hall and many more.

On her free time, she loves to read engaging books & spend time with loved ones. Currently, she is working on ways to improve the lives of the homeless in the Atlantic City Area. This has been a strong desire since she was 17 years old. She believes that you can do anything as long as you possess the necessary confidence and you aren’t afraid of hard work.

Her major goal is to live a life that will have affected the hearts and minds of millions. She hopes to leave such a strong legacy behind that people are doing positive things in her name for 100’s of years to come.

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